Thursday, May 19, 2016

Delicious Honey Glazed Stir-Fry!

When we made the commitment to adopt a Plant Based Diet, I did what I normally do when I'm trying to learn about something...I googled it! I found lots of posts about how great the diet was, lots of testimonials about how the diet changed people's lives for the better, and the overriding emotion of all of the posts was kind of pumped up..."LET'S DO THIS! THIS IS GREAT! I FEEL AMAZING!"

In honor of Day 11 of this Plant Based Diet that we've embraced, let's do a little roll call of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let's start with the ugly, just to get that out of the way...

The Ugly: I'm glad you all feel so great on this diet, but my first few days were pretty miserable. I think I put my digestive system into total shock with the huge increase in roughage. Not shocked enough to just lay there quietly, but shocked enough to remind me several times a day that it was not happy. Fortunately, after a few days, that passed (no pun intended)...

 The Bad: I still miss bacon. As a matter of fact, there has not been one day, in the last 11 days, that I haven't thought, longingly, about bacon, butter, or cream. But, the posts are right, you DO start to appreciate the flavors of the food you are eating much more when you're not covering everything in a layer of fat.

The Good: After about day 4, my stomach got with the program, and it's much more comfortable. And...I'VE LOST 2 LBS IN 11 DAYS WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! And I'm not hungry! I'm also sleeping very well, much better than before, and feel much better and more energized throughout the day. 

So, for me, the good outweighs the bad, and we're still plugging along...grudgingly.

Here's the recipe for an amazingly delicious stir-fry we had tonight! You can use any veggies you have on hand for this, just put the longer cooking veggies in first and give them a couple of minutes head-start on the other vegetables.


Cooked Brown Rice (Bring about 8 Cups of water to a boil, add 1 Cup of Brown Rice and boil for 30 minutes, drain and return to pot. Cover and let sit, off the heat, for an additional 10 minutes to steam).

For the Sauce: (Adapted from
1/4 C Honey
3 Tbsp Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Miso Paste
2 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
2 Tbsp Vegetable Broth
1/4 Tsp Sesame Oil 
1/4 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 Tbsp Corn Starch

1 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil
2 - 3 Carrots, sliced thin in coins
1/4 of a Red Onion, chopped in 1" pieces
1/2 of a Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Pepper, chopped in 1" pieces
1 C Yellow Crook Neck Squash, sliced down the middle and then into 1/2" slices
6 - 7 Aspargus, tips and stems cut in 2 inch pieces

Whisk all of the sauce ingredients together and set aside.

Heat a wok to high heat. Add the Grapeseed Oil and the Carrots and cook, stirring frequently for about 3 - 4 minutes. Add the Onion and Bell Pepper and continue to cook, stirring frequently for another 2 - 3 minutes. Test the tenderness of the bell peppers and carrots with a fork. They should be crisp-tender but not mushy. Add the Squash and Asparagus and continue to cook, stirring frequently for another 3 - 4 minutes, until the asparagus is just done, a fork should just be able to go through, but still have some resistance. 

Whisk the sauce mixture and add to the wok, stirring it through the vegetables. The sauce should thicken in about a minute're done!

Place a serving of brown rice on each plate and top with the stir-fried vegetables.


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