Friday, September 4, 2015

Delicious Grilled Burgers for Labor Day! And Gluten Free!

The most delicious grilled burgers for Labor Day!  The burgers are sublime, and topped with fresh summer produce?  As good as it gets!  I buy good ground beef, and then I don't really need to add anything except a little seasoning on top.  I use about 1/2 lb for each burger.


1/2 lb good ground beef for each burger
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Olive Oil

Provolone Cheese (or any cheese you like, sliced)
Sliced Red Onion
Sliced Avocado
Sliced Tomato (preferably from the garden)


Heat the grill to high heat.  I use a gas grill and heat my middle burner on high until the grill reaches 400 degrees F.  Then I turn that burner off and light the two smaller outside burners.  That way I can put my burgers on a hot grill, but off the fire so they don't flame up. Adjust to your grill, making sure you have a high-heated grill and an area for indirect heat.

Loosely pack the 1/2 lb of ground beef into a patty, smoothing the edges until it's about 1 inch in thickness.  Don't overpack or you will loose all of your moisture!  Sprinkle with salt, pepper and montreal seasoning and lightly press the seasonings down into the beef.

Once the grill is hot,  brush the seasoning side of the ground beef with olive oil, and lay, seasoning side down, on the hot grill, preferably over indirect heat.  As I said above, I heat my middle grill until really hot, then turn it off and turn on the outside burners to finish cooking the burgers.  Cook for about 15 minutes or until it turns easily and has good grill marks.  If it sticks, it's not ready to turn.

Once it's turned, cook for another 10 to 15 minutes in indirect heat.  I use a meat thermometer and go to the next step when it reaches about 150 degrees F.

At this point, I put a slice of provolone cheese on each burger, and turn off the heat completely.  Then let it sit until the cheese is melted.

Take off the heat and top with mayonnaise, ketchup, onions, avocado and tomato.  Or whatever you like on your burgers.  


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