Thursday, July 9, 2015

Slow Cooker Sweet and Tangy Glazed Pork

I love it when I can spend 10 minutes in the morning on prep, and have a delicious meal ready after work.  This delectable pork is melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the flavors are just delicious.  The ingredient amounts in the directions are just suggestions, you know what you like, so feel free to experiment...


Boneless Country Style Ribs
Chicken Broth (or water)

Seasoned Rice Vinegar (can substitute Balsamic Vinegar)
Soy Sauce
Hoisin Sauce (check the Asian aisle)
Chili Garlic Sauce (Asian aisle again, can substitute minced garlic)
Brown Sugar
Ground Ginger

Spray your slow cooker with non-stick spray.  Lay the Boneless Ribs in a single layer in the bottom.  Pour about 1/4 cup of chicken broth around the ribs, just to keep things moist.

In a separate bowl, mix about 1/4 cup Ketchup with a couple of good splashes of the vinegar. Add a healthy splash of Soy Sauce and a couple of tablespoons of Hoisin Sauce.  Mix in about a teaspoon of the Chili Garlic Sauce or Minced Garlic (more or less, to taste), then add a handful of Brown Sugar and sprinkle with about 1/2 teaspoon of Ground Ginger.  Mix thoroughly, and spoon on top of the ribs in the slow cooker.

Cook on low for 8 hours, then turn the ribs over (careful, they will already be falling apart) and cook another hour, basting occasionally.  The sauce will reduce, leaving a beautiful, tasty glaze on the ribs.  Ready to serve.

If you are lucky enough to have leftovers, they're delicious in a warmed tortilla, with a smear of hoisin sauce and some chopped scallions. 

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